Uganda 2021

The smartphone is the weapon of freedom of movement in Uganda. Dozens of street reporters follow the opposition presidential candidate Bobi Wine at every turn. They are streaming live when he drives to his election campaign appearances and put their lives on the line with what they are doing. The great cheers of the population and the brutal attacks by the police – everything is documented and livestreamed. The police keep arresting smartphone reporters, but new fighters are added every day whose weapon is the smartphone. Perhaps the smartphone is the weapon that will change Africa.


We list here and recommend some social media platforms that report enthusiastically and courageously about the events in Uganda:

Kakensa Media:
sharing News and background information

NGI. New Generation International:
online news platform

Ghetto Media:
online news platform

Ghetto TV:
online news platform

SAMA Uganda:
Newsreporter, providing Livestreams
Interview with Sama Uganda:

Bobi Wine:
official Facebook Page of Bobi Wine