Supporters on opposition and some opposition candidates on various political levels made to disappear in security operations.

As Uganda counts hours to the general elections, numerous reports have come up from the general public reporting their missing persons. People clam that the Ugandan army has been directly arresting and taking these people in broad day light and others in the night. The trend of people missing with no ways about started after the November 2020 demonstrations that saw over 100 people dead. Since then, government using the army has went ahead to arrest people in operations that the citizens are calling kidnappings of all people associated to the people power movement. Close sources from the National Unity Platform have confirmed these unconstitutional disappearance of people who support Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

Yesterday, on 11 January, reports came in of the disappearance of Hon. Nakalema Violet a member of parliament candident standing on the ticket of NUP. Time and again Hon. Ssegirinya Mohammed also standing for member of Parliament on NUP ticket has claimed that people were trailing him and attempting to end his life. Not so many days ago, on 7 January, reports of a young missing gentle man very royal to Bobi wine hit the Facebook waves. Victor Balikuddembe Makenya, 28 years of age, is claimed to have been arrested from his home in Jjalamaba village and the arrest is connected to the support for Bobi. Victor’s family and friends have tried to look for victor in all possible police stations and designated detention centre but they can’t find him. Is Victor Balikuddembe Makenya still alive or he is dead? Could Victor have been badly tortured to extent that he can’t be presented to his family?

28 years old Victor Balikuddembe Makenya. (Photo: Facebook)

It’s not only Victor alone but so many Ugandan are crying for their missing loved ones. What worries the public the more is the mistreatment of inmates in custody by the army. This was vividly seen on Bobi wine when he was arrested in Gulu tortured to death and the president Museveni came up later and praised his army for what he called “a good beating of Bobi”.

2018 gulu arrest, badly tortured Bobi Wine presented in court Martial. (Photo: Facebook)

In his own words, Bobi wine went ahead to affirm to the public worry about these unclear arrests. In his Facebook post on 12 January he said the following:

“Last night at around 2 AM, a group of security operatives wearing army uniform and some in plain clothes raided the home of our comrade Lule David aka Selector Davie Ug and according to his neighbors and other witnesses, these security operatives who traveled in two drones, fired live bullets in the air before dragging him out of his house. They say he was beaten mercilessly and taken to an unknown place. Reports of raids on many other homes of NUP supporters keep coming in and we are aware this is being done by State operatives who are using several security agencies. Our legal team has been looking for Davie at various police stations to no avail.

What’s the idea behind these arrests? 

Lule David aka Selector Davie Ug,  arrested and nowhere to be found. (Photo: Facebook)

These and so many activities have left the Ugandan people in total worry and some leaving the city areas for villages in anticipation of worse violations during and after the Election.

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