This Ugandan refugee was burnt to death in Kakuma refugee camp and all you are doing is trying to silence me from asking questions about his death. Why are Ugandan refugees getting murdered in Kenya? He fled for his life from homophobia in Uganda, only to die from homophobia in Kenya. This is not acceptable! I will not shut up…
DR. Stella comments on DailyMonitor Facebook Post.

Dr.Stella Nyanzi, A very vocal Activist, feminist, LGBTIQ+ ally and politician who ran for Woman member of parliament for Kampala in the recently concluded elections in Uganda but didn’t win and now Seeking asylum in kenya was this week on Tuesday attacked by some group of Kenyans on Social media, who asked her to stop talking about the injustices and the deaths in the refugee camp of kakuma in Kenya  or risk being deported.

This started when Dr.Stella Nyanzi ran to Facebook to condemn the brutal death of a Gay refugee who was homophonically attacked in the kakuma camp and set ablaze on fire which caused his death upon arrival In Nairobi Hospital.
Chriton Atuhwera – popularly called Trinidad, Ugandan who has been living in Kakuma camp after running away from his country and seek protection in Kenya was attacked by Homophobic people in this camp together with another person called Jordan, who were together beaten up and set on to fire. Trinidad and his friend were saved from mercy lookers who rushed them to the near by clinic in the camp. The clinic had no resources to contain these people’s burns but then they had no where to refer them, its said that the UNHCR reacted later after several cries and pleas from Trinidad’s Friend thus air lifting the almost lifeless Trinidad to Nairobi hospital were he passed on. 

“We are deeply shocked by this tragic loss and wish to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the victim. We urge the Kenyan authorities to accelerate their investigation into the alleged attack and hold those responsible to account,” said Fathiaa Abdalla, UNHCR’s Representative in Kenya.

This Triggered Dr. Stella to condemn the brutality subjected to LGBTIQ people in Kakuma camp. It should be noted that LGBTIQ refugees have on and again complained of these Homophobic attacks subjected to them by fellow refugees in this camp. Various organisation like Amnesty kenya and the UNHCR have come out to condemn this recent deadly attack and called upon the Refugee affair Secretariat RAS a Kenyan body responsible for refugee together with the Kenyan police to dig deep and investigate the cause of death and hold all culprits accountable.

Kenya has been known for its continued  reception of LGBTIQ refugees  from around East Africa especially from Uganda since 2013 when Uganda passed the Anti homosexuality Law which was the nullified in 2014.

Dr.stella Nyanzi who never accepts to be silenced especially when it comes to matters of Human rights said that it’s unfair for people to ran from their countries to presumably safe countries and they end up facing the same or even worse persecution.

At the world is watching International we condemn all acts of violence towards Humanity and send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Trinidad.

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