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The News Blog the world is watching was started to collect news around the world and bring it closer to the people. Our world has ignored so many fundamental factors of life like Human Rights and concentrated on others thus creating a big gap in the flow of information. Under this Blog-Page we encourage any person to use his or her phone or any media recording devise, to document any incidence, like human rights violation, police brutality, demonstrations, corruption among others, share the documented photo or video with us and explain the story behind that media. We shall in turn adopt it and post it on our platforms for the world to see.

We shall be having an uploading tool under this page, where you can directly upload your Media and texts. But in a meanwhile, send us your media content and text (story) to the address below:

Email: info(at)

Incase you wish to remain anonymous, your personal data will be kept confidential. We look forward to working with you as we bring Human rights news closer to the world.