The Ugandan Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) has warned of a growing state of insecurity in the country, that has recently included death of a former national boxing team captain Isaac Ssenyange aka Mando Zebra.

In his address to the nation to mark the start of the New Year, Kyagulanyi made several accusations against the state, and then stated that his NUP party are non-violent. Speaking in both English and Luganda, he also called on Ugandans to turn up to vote in what he called a “revolutionary election”.

We are presenting the video including all parts of his speech in English Language:

 “I call upon you to rise and accomplish a mission we have all been preaching. Turn out in large numbers and vote. Dedicate the 12 remaining days to the future of our country,” he said in his new year speech at Magere on the outskirts of Kampala on January 2nd 2021 live on Facebook.

“We are non-violent. I say it one more time, we are non-violent. We are Boda Boda riders, farmers, doctors, teachers, lawyers… we are people of Uganda determined to change the fate of their nation.”

He said while President Museveni has promised a thorough investigation of the Zebra murder case, a look back at a history of similar cases indicate they always end with no conclusion or arrests.

“We cannot wait to live in a Uganda where life is valued,”  Bobi Wine said. He said thousands are in jails for various reasons, including politics.

“The first thing we will do when we get into power is to release all prisoners of conscience who are in jail, “ he promised.

“This is the year to accomplish our mission. We have 10 more days of campaign. We have 10 days to determine the future of our country… it is this election where we will determine if we are to remain slaves.”

Without saying what his source is, he warned that government is planning a shutdown of the internet and mobile phone services.

“We know they are planning to cut off the internet, planning to cut of mobile money services, they are planning to cut off electricity. The are even planning another lock down.  Prepare for that,” he said

“Museveni, please keep your word. You called Obote and Amin swine for disrespecting the right s of Ugandans but you are much worse than the previous regimes,” he said

“We are not going to be silent in the face of oppression. We are not your slaves, we are the people of Uganda,” he charged.

“Be non violent, but be assertive,” he concluded.

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