Just few hours after the release of our article yesterday about the EU and the elections in Uganda, the European Union (EU) has officially published a Declaration about these election. It’s however still disheartening how the EU continues to sugarcoat the events of the Election Day.

The EU welcomes that no major violent incidents were reported on election day but regrets that the disproportionate role given to security forces during the elections brought forth violence in the pre-electoral period, harassment of opposition leaders, suppression of civil society actors and media, and the raiding of a domestic observers office.”

Does the word violent carry any sense to the EU? The EU its self continues in their statement to highlight the high handedness of the Security agencies in the election, harassment of opposition leaders and so many other concerns as noted in their statement.

In my view the EU should call a spade a spade. All the violations that are mentioned by the EU, most of them if not all also happened on the election day. So how can the world differentiate between major and non major violations and what principle is used to measure the gravity of the violations so as to term some not major?

Notably, the EU also called the Ugandan government to oder:

The EU calls on the Government of Uganda to respect the freedom of expression and the right to peaceful and safe assembly, including the free movement of all political actors and their supporters. The EU is gravely concerned by the continued harassment of political actors and parts of civil society. In line with its laws, international commitments and obligations, the Government must ensure that security services act with restraint, that any violations or abuses are duly and impartially investigated, and that those responsible are held to account.”

If there was no major violations then why caution the government to respect Human Rights? Thats why I still insist that the election fraud in Uganda should be spoken to with the right words and reacted to in the right manner it so deserves.

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