As some people call the elections in Uganda Democratic, many have not seen it that way. ‘These buyings, democracy 2021 you’re either bought, you are either bumped off, you’re intimidated, we have buried young people in January, in February, our NUP supporters, our NUP polling agents because  they were going after Declaration forms” Dr.Lina Zedriga

In most cases what we look at as democratic processes, they don’t actually come close to the true meaning of Democracy. In her Description, the vice president of the leading opposition party in Uganda  Dr. Lina Zedriga calls the election as the most violent and ridged elections she has ever witnessed. 

This is raising Many questions, especially about the true meaning of democracy, and is indeed what we seeing in most African countries the true meaning of Democracy or just  a tool of oppression? 

In  brief interview with Dr.Lina, she tells us about the current political climate in Uganda. Which she describes as brutal and deadly. She further says that people’s death are being discussed as chicken which to slaughter next, death lists flying from one corner to another. She also talks about the political prisoners in different government facilities and others in unknown safe houses, not forgetting the unexplained death of very prominent people in the country.

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