Many Artists and Musicians in Uganda are supporting the freedom movement with their voice and influence. Others keep quiet. We are proud and happy to present the latest music piece of the young singer Derick Valentine, who decided not to keep quiet but use his talent to fight for democracy and liberation of his Country Uganda.

With his voice for freedom: Derick Valentine (Photo: Facebook)

Uganda is an East African country well known in the region for its fast-developing music and Art Industry. Since ages so many talented Musician, comedians and artists have come up with very good hits and innovative works which have sold both locally and internationally. In the previous years, Ugandan musicians and other Artists enjoyed their art Freedom. There was limited government intervention in the Art Industry, and this saw many artists flourish in this Industry.

In 2017 a very young vibrant Musician well known as Bobi Wine (Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu) totally changed the face of the Art Industry when he stood up to run in a parliamentary By-Election in Kyadondo East Constituency in Kampala Uganda. The Pop star turn Politician didn’t only change the Art Industry but the entire political environment in Uganda. Bobi Wine won the parliamentary seat with a very overwhelming Margin. Since then, many artists in Uganda realised the powers they had in the country’s politics. However, this was not welcomed by the sitting government. It went ahead to start proposing regulatory laws on the work of artist, and also looked for all ways to silence the vocal artist by offering them positions in government and urge chunks of Tax payer’s Money.

Bobi Wine. (Foto: Facebook)

Given all these Restrictions to silence the Artists in Uganda, Uganda’s pop star turned politician, Bobi Wine, never looked back on his political ambitions but he further went ahead to eye the very top sit in the country. In 2019 Bobi Wine officially announced to run for Uganda’s presidency in 2021. Again, this brought more chaos in the Art industry. Since February 2020, the government banned all musical or artistic gathering till to date in the name of prevention of the spread of Covid-19. In the first months of the lock down, many artists welcomed the restrictions as they agreed with the government measures to combat the deadly virus. As months went on, the Uganda government eased the restrictions for other Industries and business but refused to let the artists operate even when the artists pledged to obey the Standard Operation Procedures (SOP). 

Many artists put the blame on Bobi Wine claiming that he touched the un touchable button of politics especially the seat of presidency. However, a few artists have embraced the strength of Bobi Wine and supported him in his presidential bead. So many artists have taken on political roles in Uganda to mean Geoffrey Lutaaya, standing for member of Parliament Kakuuto county, Hillary Kiyaga aka Dr. Hilder Man for Mawokota North member of Parliament and Joseph Mayangya aka Dr. Jose Chameleon for Lord Mayer Kampala city. 

As the world witnessed the human rights violations that have vividly been expressed by the Ugandan government towards the presidential Candidate Bobi Wine and killing of above 100 citizens in the Election campaigns in November that followed the arrest of Bobi Wine, artist has remained so silent to core. The question comes, are the artists deliberately silent or they are silenced by government?

Nubian Li when he got arrested (Picture: Facebook)

For the few artists for example Nubian Li, Sir Dan Magic who openly came out to support Bobi Wine, have been highly targeted by governments with attempts to end their lives, and as we write this article, they were among the Bobi Wine’s campaign team that was arrested in Kalangala on the 30th November 2020. Currently artist Nubian Li and Sir Dan Magic are serving remand sentence after they were illegally assembled in the court Martial in Makidenye army court, denied them access to legal representation and also to note that these together with other Bobi Wine campaign team group were earlier on granted court bail in Masaka but then the army re-arrested them hence violating the court orders or call it contempt of Court. Assembling Civilians in court martial is also a question every person is still wondering about. 

Even after the arrest of their own, artists have continued to stay silent. Only courageous artists like Derick Valentine have come up to compose work that critique the brutal behaviour of the Ugandan government towards its citizens. Are Artists like Derick safe in Uganda? We share with you the art work of Derick Valentine. Why can’t other artists, Sheebah Kalunji, Rema Namakula, Eddie Kenzo, Cindy Sanyu and others use their influence to call for order to the government? Are these Artists intimidated by government or they simply don’t care of what is happening in their home country?

You can’t secure my freedom

Many Artists and Musicians in Uganda are supporting the “Freedom” movement with their voice and influence. Others keep quiet. We are proud and happy to present the latest music piece of the young singer Derick Valentine, who decided not to keep quiet but use his talent to fight for democracy and liberation of his Country Uganda. Find full article:

Gepostet von the world is watching am Sonntag, 10. Januar 2021

By Edward Mutebi

Born in Uganda, Edward founded the human rights organization "Let's walk Uganda" and was the executive director of that organization until the year 2018. Currently living in Berlin he is going to do his Master Degree in "Social Works as a Human Rights Profession". Following the Human Rights Violations in Uganda and many other countries he decided to establish the News Pool #theworldiswatching. The idea behind this platform is the intention of providing information shared by activists in Social Media to the International News Community, to document Human Rights Violations and to create awareness to the world.

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