Only a few days to the presidential elections in Uganda, so many unanswered questions, violations of human rights at it’s pick, the question is, what should the world expect? Following the 18th November 2020 demonstrations in Uganda, which raised after the arrest of Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, also known as Bobi Wine.

The world witnessed a very gross violations of human rights by the Ugandan security forces. Demonstrators were shoot at thus killing over 100 people. Journalists where arrested and some forced to delete footages. Up to-date, many families miss there relatives who where arrested and detained in unrecognized places or call them safe house. People who don’t support the government are illegally arrested and and made to disappear.

Just recently the government targeted the campaign team of Bobi Wine, which included Journalists and Personnel Body guards. These where arrested on Wed 30th December 2020 in an estimated total of about 90 plus people. On Monday 4th January 2021, these were assembled into court in the Ugandan District of Masaka and charged of different charges, which Bobi Wine and National Unity Platform-NUP officials called trumped up charges. All the people who where brought to court on Monday where granted bail by court except four people whom court said Lucked Substantial surety.

The most alarming thing that happened, the Ugandan army raided the court and refused to let these people free. These where driven back to prison till now as their Lawyers try their best to secure their release. With this, it’s so very clear that the Courts in Uganda are no longer independent. What will happen on the 14th January 2021? How many people will die in the process? All these questions, me and you are asking.

We at #theworldiswatching shall keep you updated of all the Human Rights violations in the Uganda elections. We call upon the world to not only watch but react.


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