“When crazy people storm the Capitol in Washington, all media in Germany and Europe is focused on that around the clock and for days. When elections take place in Uganda, a democrat runs as a presidential candidate as an alternative to a dictator, when human rights are violated every day in the election campaigns, the western media is closing the eyes.”

Edward Mutebi is a human rights activist, had to flee Uganda, lives in exile in Berlin and calls on the western media to focus on the elections in Uganda. Two days before the parliamentary elections in Uganda, Berliner Zeitung published an article by Edward Mutebi.

Edward founded a human rights organisation in Uganda and had to flee the country. He is a scholarship holder of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and will start his Master’s degree in Human Rights at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences in October. At the beginning of 2021, he launched the portal “the world is watching” to document and inform about human rights violations in Uganda and other countries.

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