About us

Independent, Non-governmental & Non-profit initiative founded by Edward Mutebi in January 2021 in Berlin / Germany

Born in Uganda, Edward Mutebi founded the human rights organization Let’s walk Uganda and was the executive director of that organization until the year 2018. Currently living in Berlin he is going to do his Master Degree in “Social Works as a Human Rights Profession”. Following the Human Rights Violations in Uganda and many other countries he decided to establish the News Pool the world is watching. The idea behind this platform is the intention of providing information shared by activists in Social Media to the International News Community, to document Human Rights Violations and to create awareness to the world.

E-Mail: edward.mutebi(at)theworldiswatching.international

Konrad Hirsch was born in Dresden / Germany. He works as a filmmaker and journalist. As a media expert, he has managed multi- and social-media projects for various governmental and non-governmental organizations. Through his work he had the chance to get to know many countries and cultures. He supports the the world is watching project as a consultant and would like to contribute to greater diversity in reporting and focus on topics that are often lost in everyday journalism.

Email: konrad.hirsch(at)theworldiswatching.international